Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative dispute resolution

At Serkland Law Firm, in Fargo, North Dakota, we recognize that not all disputes need to be resolved in a courtroom, and it may be faster and more cost effective to resolve a dispute by using an alternative dispute resolution (“ADR”) process.

Serkland offers a wide range of ADR services to resolve disputes outside of the court system. Our attorneys have utilized ADR procedures in disputes involving contract, negligence, personal injury, products liability, construction, real estate, employment, and tort claims. We constantly strive to achieve the best, most efficient and cost-effective resolution of disputes for each client by specifically tailoring the ADR process to our clients and to their particular dispute.

In addition to representing parties in ADR processes, almost half of our attorneys have received formal training in mediation or arbitration. Collectively, our ADR attorneys have mediated or arbitrated well over 2,000 disputes. Our ADR attorneys are qualified neutrals under Rule 114 of the Minnesota General Rules of Practice and Rule 8.9 of the North Dakota Rules of Court, which means they are qualified to mediate or arbitrate any dispute in North Dakota and Minnesota. Each of these attorneys have experience in alternative dispute resolution and routinely assist parties in resolving their claims and disputes outside of litigation.

In our experience, we find that the results achieved through alternative dispute resolution processes are generally much more satisfying to our clients than those attained through litigation. The early use of ADR typically results in a faster, more cost-effective and less emotionally draining resolution of the parties’ issues. Typical cases and ADR processes used by Serkland ADR attorneys, mediators and arbitrators include:

  • Binding Arbitration
  • Family Law and Divorce Mediations
  • Civil Mediation, including wrongful death, personal injury and automobile accident mediations, construction disputes, insurance coverage and claim disputes
  • Non-Binding Early Evaluation Arbitration 
  • AAA Arbitrations
  • Agriculture/Crop Arbitration

Whether you are a disputant in need of representation in an ADR proceeding or if you are looking for a mediator or arbitrator qualified to serve as a neutral in your case, the Serkland Law Firm can help. To schedule a consultation with one of our ADR attorneys, mediators, and arbitrators, contact the Serkland Law Firm today.

Serkland ADR Lawyers, Mediators, or Arbitrators:

Jack G. Marcil
Roger J. Minch
Maureen Holman